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Spring 2021


Almost a year has passed since the pandemic stalked its way around the globe. It’s astounding to me how so much could get turned around and topsy-turvy so quickly. Across the country and Washington state, though, we’ve witnessed people persevere in the face of tragedy and hardship, finding hope and sharing comfort.

It’s a struggle everywhere. We spoke to Cougars around the world about their pandemic experiences, from Nikola Koprivica (’10 Intl. Busi.) in Serbia to Nicola Perera (’15 MA English) in Sri Lanka, and many countries in between. Their stories reflect our own in the United States, and it comes back to adapting … » More …

Fall 2020

Stranded at sea

Mariah Brush never thought she would work on a cruise ship let alone get stranded on one amid a global pandemic.

After graduation from WSU Tri-Cities, she inquired about the shipboard job through a friend. Before she knew it, she was four contracts into working for Club HAL, the youth activity center of the Holland America Line.

“I didn’t expect for my life to take such a random turn,” she says. “As a student at WSU, I did a lot of event planning and marketing for events, so I was still able to apply a lot of those skills with the … » More …

Coronavirus illustration
Fall 2020

COVID-19 research at WSU

As the COVID-19 pandemic hit, many Washington State University researchers refocused their efforts on the disease and its impacts.

Below are some of the research projects underway. It’s a dynamic list, so check back with WSU News for more projects.


COVID-19 crisis shows need for long-term changes
The upheaval created by the coronavirus 2019 outbreak, or COVID-19, is already transforming our society. Some of those changes may need to last a while to get through this and future outbreaks, according to Washington State University infectious disease epidemiologist Eric Lofgren.

WSU researchers … » More …