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WSU Adaptive Technology CenterFALL 2023
Adaptive Technology Center floor plan at the
Steve Gleason Institute

WSU La Bienvenida posterSPRING 2023
WSU La Bienvenida “Opens the doors” poster
English PDF | Spanish PDF

US PFAS industrial discharges mapSPRING 2023
Suspected US PFAS industrial discharges map
(EWG offsite link)

WA state fairs by county mapWINTER 2022
Washington state fairs by county map (ArcGIS offsite link)

fire severity diagramSUMMER 2022
Fire severity and intensity depends upon vegetation type

WA state bridges mapSUMMER 2022
Washington state bridge conditions (ArcGIS offsite link)

Yellowstone eruption ash bedsSPRING 2022
Yellowstone eruption ash beds and caldera movement

receding glaciers on Mount RainierWINTER 2021
Glacier recession on Mount Rainier (PDF)

hydrogen atom with energy gridsSPRING 2021
Possible renewable energy and hydrogen distribution (PDF)

bat virus diversityFALL 2020
Bat-borne virus diversity

housing dreamSUMMER 2020
National homeownership rate and Washington state households burdened by housing costs

cannabisSPRING 2020
Cannabis consumer in Washington state

WSU by the numbersSPRING 2020
WSU by the #s

Unwanted microbes infographicWINTER 2018
America’s most (not) wanted super bugs (PDF)

teacher diversity mapFALL 2018
Teacher diversity gap in the 50 states

The underrepresentation of teachers of color versus the number of students of color across the United States

rising particulates infographic thumbSUMMER 2018
Rising particulates in Washington air

Over the last several years, people in Washington state have been exposed to worsening air quality for longer periods of time.

sweet toxic infographic thumb

Direct push technology for ISCO (PDF)

Contaminated soil and groundwater samples are analyzed in the laboratory to determine the most effective concentrations of glucose and persulfate, then trucked to the site, mixed, and injected into the affected area.

FDA infographic thumb

FDA Drug Approval Process (PDF)

Ten steps to approving a new drug through the Federal Drug Administration.