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Advertising Artwork Guidelines

Advertisers may submit digital art created in the applications listed below. You may send your native application file if you include copies of all high-resolution links (do not embed images!) and all fonts used, unless they have been converted to outlines (preferred). Only OpenType Fonts or Macintosh-compatible fonts will be accepted—remember to include screen fonts with all Type I fonts.

You may also submit your artwork as a PDF file, but it must be converted as described below (see PDF Conversion for WSM). Whichever way you choose, please note that:

  • All artwork should be produced using CMYK color mode and Adobe RGB (1998) and U.S. Web Uncoated v2 for the working spaces. (An Adobe color settings file “WSMagazine2015.csf” and instructions are available here so you can synchronize all Creative Suite applications.)
    Preserve embedded profiles and preserve numbers.
  • Images should be at least 300 pixels per inch at actual size; line art at least 1200 ppi.
  • Spot colors should be converted to CMYK equivalents.
  • Artwork in ads with bleeds needs to be extended by .125″ on all sides.


Application settings before creating artwork for Washington State Magazine

Adobe InDesign

Edit > Transparency Blend Space > Document CMYK
Edit > Color Settings > Settings: WSMagazine2015* (Working spaces: Adobe RGB/CMYK U.S. Web Uncoated v2)

Adobe Illustrator

File > Document Setup > Transparency: Export & Clipboard Preset: High Resolution
File > Document Color Mode > CMYK Color
Edit > Color settings > Settings: WSMagazine2015* (Working spaces: Adobe RGB/CMYK U.S. Web Uncoated v2)
Effect > Document Raster Effects Settings> Color Model: CMYK; Resolution: High (300 ppi); Options: Anti-alias

Adobe Photoshop

Image > Mode > CMYK Color
Edit > Color Settings > Settings: WSMagazine2015* (Working spaces: Adobe RGB/CMYK U.S. Web Uncoated v2)
Image > Image Size > Resolution: 300 pixels/inch

*If loaded; otherwise, set working spaces manually.


PDF Conversion for Washington State Magazine

The easiest way to convert your advertising artwork to PDF for delivery to Washington State Magazine is to export as a single page EPS file and then use Acrobat Distiller. Before using Distiller, however, you must download a special Job Options settings file. (See Step 2 below for details.)

Step 1: Exporting an EPS file from your application

Adobe InDesign

File > Export > Format: EPS > Save > General: Default settings (change set page and bleed as needed); Advanced: Default settings (make sure Transparency Flattener Preset: High Resolution is selected)

(You may also export directly to PDF in InDesign if you modify the File > Adobe PDF Presets > Press Quality settings as outlined in the PDF guide available here.)

Adobe Illustrator

File > Save As > Format: Illustrator EPS > EPS Options: Default settings (Make sure Transparency Preset: High Resolution; Options: Embed Fonts, Include Linked Files are selected if available.)

Adobe Photoshop

File > Save As > Photoshop EPS: Default > EPS Options: Default settings (Make sure Include Vector Data is checked if available.)


File > Save Page as EPS > Download fonts with this EPS file? Yes > Default settings (Change set page and bleed as needed.)


Step 2: Converting your EPS file to PDF

Acrobat Distiller

Unzip the “WSM_Distiller” archive you downloaded. Launch Acrobat Distiller and drag the appropriate .joboptions file to the Distiller window. Now drag your EPS file to the Distiller window to convert it to a PDF.

Additional Questions?

Please contact John Paxson, WSM art director, at 509-335-2106 or, if you have any additional questions regarding preparing artwork for submission.