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Video: This is W.S.C. – 1952, featuring Edward R. Murrow

An introduction to Washington State College from 1952, narrated by Edward R. Murrow.

This film shows campus and student activities in 1952, from engineering students to football games to housing. Edward R. Murrow narrates the tour around WSC, which emphasizes research, practical training and extension mission as a land grant college.

Courtesy: WSU Libraries – Manuscripts, Archives, and Special Collections 

Excerpt: 5 minutes, 32 seconds

Click here for the full video (22 minutes, 41 seconds)

Videos of the Conner Museum

A series of videos introducing WSU’s Conner Museum and its work in research, education, and public service. The Charles R. Conner Museum features the largest public collection of birds and mammals in the Pacific Northwest, and the scientific collection used by researchers houses over 65,000 specimens.

Read “Fine Specimens” in the Winter 2008/09 issue.

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