“It is impossible to imagine a world-class university without an arboretum. It reconnects you to the earth and is an important place for a university community to find peace and balance in a high-stress environment. Im particularly proud that this arboretum will be part of the legacy that my administration will leave for Washington State University, its faculty, students, alumni, and friends, and all those who value the joys of nature.”

—WSU President Elson S. Floyd


Phase 1 of the Washington State University Arboretum and Wildlife Conservation Center project celebrates the first peoples of the region and the striking Palouse prairie landscape of the arboretum. Initial development features two miles of hiking trails as well as a Gathering Circle, a meeting place in the heart of the arboretum.

The 170-acre WSU Arboretum and Wildlife Conservation Center will empower researchers, teachers, and students to demonstrate their skills and help build a center to explore creation of a future sustainable world. It is where we learn to celebrate life and land as we honor the past and create the future.


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Video by Phil Cable and Brian Clark, April 23, 2010