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Take a walk and call me in the morning - thumb
Spring 2016

Cold weather walking tips

Cold Weather Walking Tips

1. Do warm up exercises indoors.

2. Wear layered, preferably wicking, clothing.

3. Add traction to shoes with slip-on devices like Yaktrax. Add spikes to your shoes with Icespike.

4. Consider trekking poles or walking sticks.

5. Walk with a buddy so you have help in case of a fall.

6. Stay hydrated. Cold tends to decrease the thirst sensation.

7. Protect your toes and fingers from frostbite.

8. Electronic devices like Fitbit and the Apple Watch can boost confidence and provide motivation.

9. Look around, listen to birds, say hello to neighbors, have fun!

Take a walk and call me in the morning - thumb
Spring 2016

Take a walk…and call me in the morning

The U.S. Surgeon General wants YOU to get off the couch and start moving. In the new Step It Up! program, Dr. Vivek Murthy urges walking or wheelchair rolling for all Americans. He’s not alone—the Centers for Disease Control touts walking as the closest thing to a wonder drug without any side effects, says April Davis ’97, ’09, ’12 MS, clinical assistant professor in the WSU Spokane Program in Nutrition and Exercise Physiology. Like Panacea, the mythical Greek goddess of universal remedy, walking has something for everyone.

Since Kenneth Cooper first popularized aerobics in 1968, millions of Americans have taken up running, cycling, and … » More …