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Fall 2023

Fancy Dancer: Q&A with adventurer and author John Roskelley

Fancy Dancer and the Seven Drums, John Roskelley’s first novel, traces its origins to the 1967 Omak Stampede, when a similar but more streamlined story first came into his mind. Here, Roskelley (’71 Geol.) discusses the roots of the narrative, his writing process, other works, and more.


Where did the idea for the book come from? Is it rooted in or inspired by any true events in your real life?

The idea for Fancy Dancer and the Seven Drums morphed from an early personal interest in central Washington’s unique place in American history to a more realistic focus on the diversity and lives … » More …

Peggy Ludwick profile
Summer 2023

A Doctor’s War and a Daughter’s Labor of Love

After her father’s death at 94 in 2008, Peggy Ludwick (’70 Bacterio.) read all of his wartime letters. She compiled them into a book, complementing his missives with her own World War II research as well as his military documents and old photographs. The project was a labor of love. She discusses the work in this Q&A.


What did you discover about your dad in the process of reading and organizing his letters? 

In reading my father’s wartime letters home, I discovered a young homesick, lovesick, idealistic, and romantic army officer, thousands of miles away from his new bride of just two months, desperately … » More …