Wine Hiking Oregon: Explore the Landscapes of Oregon Wines

Jack Costa ’22 Wine & Bev. Busi. Mgmt.

Helvetiq: 2023

The 30 hikes highlighted in this guidebook end near wineries, where trekkers can stop for a well-earned glass of pinot noir or another favorite varietal after hiking through Oregon’s breathtaking wine country. Each entry includes a description of difficulty, points of interest, wine recommendations with tasting notes, and info about the varietals, winery, and winemakers.


Stuff TV

Nick Huzar ’99 Mgmt. Info. Sys.


Stuff TV, founded in 2023, is a weekly video podcast featuring experts in climate change, discussing ways to make a positive impact on greenhouse gas emissions. Huzar, who cofounded mobile marketplace OfferUp, talks with guests about topics such as sustainable housing, concrete, and recycling clothing. Stuff TV is at and on most podcast channels.


Oorah! The Adventures of a Brave Girl 

Allen Johnson ’85 PhD

Archway Publishing: 2023

This young-adult novel follows a 10-year-old to England during the summer of 1969. Samantha, who prefers to be called Sam like her dad, a US Marine who died in Vietnam, visits her grandparents, the duke and duchess of Surrey. She charms everyone she meets, including Oliver, the groundskeeper’s son, who becomes her confidant and co-conspirator in numerous incredible escapades.


Coyote’s Swing: A Memoir and Critique of Mental Hygiene in Native America

David Edward Walker 

WSU Press: 2022

This psychologist’s look at how Western mental health ideology threatens Native lives and cultures is divided into four parts. The first is the author’s own story. The second offers analysis of the US mental health system in Native America. Next is a look at its philosophical and religious foundations, then ideas for improving the system.

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Shadow’s Flight: A Fighter Pilot’s Story

Gregory Dean Taylor ’68 English

A Place In Time.Press: 2022

Taylor follows his dream to become a fighter pilot in a Marine Corps F-4 Phantom, sharing stories of hair-raising combat missions in Vietnam, earning US Air Force and Navy wings (including engagements with the elite Top Gun squadron), and commanding a fighter squadron.


Wild Rose 

Jennifer Merschdorf ’96 Busi.

New Degree Press: 2023

After unexpected loss, Julia moves out of the city and buys an abandoned hotel in Connecticut. As she undertakes the renovation, she strikes up a friendship with the spirits of three women who died in the once-luxurious lodging. The spirits are trapped within the walls of the historical Wild Rose hotel, which⁠—Julia learns as the novel unravels⁠—hold many secrets.


Poems of the Point

Lauri Cruver Cherian ’86 Ed.

Poetry Box: 2022

This ode to growing up in Gig Harbor provides a window to a beachfront childhood on Puget Sound. Poems describe digging for clams and geoducks, looking for shells, fishing for cod, finding an eagle’s nest, and spying sea life and⁠—on a clear day⁠—Mount Rainier.