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Summer 2016

Safe mushrooming 101

Advice and tips from Washington State University mycologist Lori Carris on safe hunting for mushrooms.

Read about morel mushrooms and Carris’s research.

Basic tips

Learn the rules & regulations for your area
Learn to recognize the common edible mushrooms AND poisonous mushrooms
Eat mushrooms in moderation even when you are confident of identification
Always cook mushrooms thoroughly before eating.
When in doubt, throw it out.

A good guidebook is essential

A mushroom guide should be:

Easy to use, with lots of color pictures
Accurate & up to date
Relevant to the area in which you are … » More …

Fall 2015

How to grow your own mushrooms

For Zachary Frederick, forest farming is a challenge. The WSU doctoral student grew up in the shady woods near Ithaca, New York, where he too learned to cultivate oyster mushrooms on logs. Upon landing in the wheat fields of Pullman, Frederick was momentarily stumped but soon learned to grow oyster mushrooms on rolls of toilet paper using a Tupperware tote as an incubator. For those who are interested in entry-level forest farming, here are a few ideas for growing your own mushrooms:

Growing mushrooms on a toilet paper roll (by 100th Monkey Mushroom Farm)

You can also buy mushroom kits and other supplies … » More …