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Fall 2020

Butch looks back

From tryouts and training to the big reveal and fortieth anniversary reunion, Butch T. Cougar alumni look back on key moments during their mascot careers.

Tryouts and training

“I didn’t really have to try out other than what I had to do to get on Rally Squad”—which was name all of the mascots of the Pac-10 schools and perform an impression of his favorite cartoon character: Elmer J. Fudd. “And I didn’t really know what I was getting myself into, literally and figuratively.”

Darrell Turner, Butch from 1981 to 1982

“It’s a completely different program now. It’s much more involved than it was … » More …

Fall 2020

Gallery: The antics of Butch T. Cougar

Butch T. Cougar is a WSU celebrity, in the spotlight at games, rallies, parades, and other events both on campus and off, including appearances at elementary schools and the wedding receptions of die-hard alumni.

Here is that legendary icon throughout all his (or her) costumed years at WSU…

Read more about Butch in “Cougar Confidential” and “Behind the Mask: Profiles of Cougs who were Butch T. Cougar.”

Bryan Clark as Butch Cougar
Fall 2020

Behind the mask

Meet some of the people behind the mask of WSU’s iconic mascot.

Dean N. Grevé

Dean N. Grevé (’81 Comm.) is credited with creating the character’s signature swagger. As the first student dedicated to playing the role, he’s referred to as the Butch godfather—or “furfather”—and beginning of the lineage. “I was the first full-time Butch,” he says. “I always will be. I’m very proud of that.”
Dean N. Grevé as Butch CougarDean N. Grevé

Grevé portrayed Butch from 1979 to 1981, his junior and … » More …