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The Barbless Hook
Winter 2013

The Barbless Hook: Inner Sanctum of Angling Revealed

The Barbless Hook

Dennis D. Dauble ’78 MS

FishHead Press, 2013


In the tradition of Patrick McManus ’56, ’59, Dennis Dauble ventures into that conjoined alternate universe of outdoor sport and humor, the difference between the two being that Dauble tends to catch more fish. Perhaps that is because Dauble was a fish biologist and McManus was an English major.

Regardless, Dauble sets the tone for the book with an epigram by yet another piscatory alum, Ray … » More …

Summer 2011

The Perfect Hunt

Nearing total exhaustion from my janitorial labors, I plopped my 19-year-old bones down in the cushy leather office chair of Dr. Seymour Slick, Dean of Science. Had I been of a thoughtful nature, I might at that moment have reflected that the way of life I so desperately clung to no longer existed for me. I was now a student and a janitor at a university. That other life was gone. Vanished. Evaporated. Had being in denial existed back then, I would have been a classic case. I simply couldn’t believe that my former life had slipped away like a thief in the night, taking … » More …

Winter 2010

Mommy, Are We French yet?


Shawn Underwood ’79
Five-Star Misadventures, 2010

Don’t have enough money to travel to Europe? Sit down with this humorous memoir by Shawn Underwood and it’s easy to take an imaginary journey to France with Shawn and her family. Shawn and her husband Craig made the decision to live abroad in France for a year with their three children.  Shawn’s sister, Shannon, her husband Rick, and their three children also joined the Underwoods in their … » More …