Of course, the best place to get fair food is the fair itself.

But you can also make your own at home, putting your deep-frying, powdered sugar-dusting skills to the test with recipes for everything from corn dogs to funnel cakes.

Here’s a round-up of recipes to try if you can’t wait for next year’s fair fare.

Make your own fair food at home

The Spokesman-Review recipe-tested a couple of recipes for corn dogs Recommended: the Iowa State Corn Dogs recipe).

Make your own ketchup, mustard, and mayo to go with your corn dogs (Spokesman-Review)

Classic Funnel Cake from the Spruce Eats.

This recipe was inspired by Fisher fair scones

Here’s another Fisher fair scone-inspired recipe at food.com
(Recommended: leave out the raisins)

Taste of Home offers 60 fair food recipes

Southern Living offers 26 fair food recipes

Country Living offers 15 fair food recipes

Foods at the fair

Foods at the Spokane County Interstate Fair

Food vendors at the Washington State Fair

Doing the Puyallup with a pedometer and cotton candy (Seattle Times)

Bizarre foods at the Washington State Fair (Seattle Magazine)


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