Click on an initial eruption height below to watch a predictive ash dispersion animation based on atmospheric conditions.

The Puff model is a volcanic ash tracking model developed at the University of Alaska Fairbanks. It has been supported by University of Alaska Fairbanks and its Geophysical Institute, the Alaska Volcano Observatory, and the Arctic Region Supercomputing Center.

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Please note that these models are archival and, therefore, representational only
since the Puff model no longer offers free access

4 km ———– 13,000 ft
6 km ———– 20,000 ft
8 km ———– 26,000 ft
10 km ———– 33,000 ft
12 km ———– 40,000 ft
14 km ———– 46,000 ft
16 km ———– 52,500 ft

This model requires windfield data on a geographic grid covering the area over which ash may be dispersed. Representative ash particles are initiated at the volcano’s location and then allowed to advect, diffuse, and settle within the atmosphere. The location of the particles at any time after the eruption can be viewed using the post-processing software included with the model.

The information provided on this site is purely for educational purposes, and should not be used for actual volcanic monitoring and predictive purposes.

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