From the biggest winery in the state to the smallest boutique producer, Washington State University alumni are making wine and growing grapes in every one of Washington’s appellations. Here’s the list of the wineries with WSU connections that we’ve been able to find, but we’re sure there are more out there.

Alexandria Nicole Cellars (Rob Mercier ’91, partner; Robert O. Smasne ’99, winemaker)

Arbor Crest Cellars (Harold Mielke ’58, founder/owner; David Mielke ’62, co-founder/former owner)

Bonair Winery (Gail ’68 and Shirley Puryear ’68, owners)

Bergevin Lane Vineyards (Annette Bergevin ’86, owner)

Bunchgrass Winery (Roger Cockerline ’66, and Cheryl Cockerline ’68)

C.R. Sandidge Wines (Ray Sandidge ’77, winemaker)

Chateau Ste. Michelle (Stimson Lane) (Ted Baseler ’76, CEO; Gordon Hill ’80, winemaker, Kevin Corliss ’86, Russell Smithyman ’99)

Claar Cellars (Crista Claar Whitelatch ’72 and Bob Whitelatch, owners)

Columbia Crest Winery (See Ste. Michelle, of the Stimson Lane group)

Cougar Crest (Deborah Hansen ’79, owner/winemaker, Dave Hansen ’77, owner/grape grower)

DiStefano Winery (Cheryl Barber-Jones ’76, winemaker)

Gordon Brothers Cellars (Jeff Gordon ’71, owner)

Hoodsport Winery (Dick Patterson ’64 owner)

Kestrel Vintners (Flint Nelson ’91, winemaker)

Kiona Vineyards (Scott Williams ’80, winemaker, John and Ann Williams, owners)

L’Ecole No. 41 (Jean Ferguson ’46, founder, passed away in 1998. Now her daughter and son-in-law run the winery.)

Leonetti Cellar (Chris Figgins ’96, viticulturalist)

Maryhill Winery (Craig Leuthold ’82, owner)

Northstar Winery (Gordon Hill ’80, winemaker)

Preston Premium Wines (Cathy Preston-Mouncer ’82, director of PR)

Sagelands Vineyard (Colin Morell ’85, grower)

Saint Laurent Winery (Laura Laurent-Mrachek ’77, Michael Mrachek ’74, owners)

Samson Estates Winery (Rob Dhaliwal ’99, winemaker/partner)

Silver Lake Winery (Cheryl Barber-Jones ’76, winemaker)

Wedge Mountain Winery and Vineyard (Mary Ann Gates McKee ’71, owner)

Woodward Canyon Winery (Rick Small ’69, winemaker/owner)