As the COVID-19 pandemic hit, many Washington State University researchers refocused their efforts on the disease and its impacts.

Below are some of the research projects underway. It’s a dynamic list, so check back with WSU News for more projects.


COVID-19 crisis shows need for long-term changes
The upheaval created by the coronavirus 2019 outbreak, or COVID-19, is already transforming our society. Some of those changes may need to last a while to get through this and future outbreaks, according to Washington State University infectious disease epidemiologist Eric Lofgren.

WSU researchers look to head off COVID-19’s deadly pneumonia
A discovery by WSU viral infection researcher Santanu Bose may hold the key to preventing the severe, deadly pneumonia seen with COVID-19.

Testing animals for COVID-19
The Washington Animal Disease Diagnostic Laboratory (WADDL) on the WSU campus in Pullman is conducting limited testing of animal samples for the SARS-CoV-2 virus, the causative agent for COVID-19.

Boredom caused by social distancing
Boredom was already a growing problem for adolescents without a pandemic, but the boom in boredom caused by COVID-19 is presenting new challenges for parents.

Other WSU researchers are working on tracking the disease; food supply, economics and transportation; food safety and nutrition; misinformation; consumer fraud; economic impact; and remote voting.

Full list of the WSU COVID-19 research community


In the magazine

Viral haystack – WSU virologist Michael Letko and colleagues have found a way to identify coronaviruses likely to affect people.

Distress call – Health care workers can face depression, anxiety, insomnia, and worse during the COVID-19 crisis. WSU health care and philosophy faculty explain why.

Planning for the storm – WSU researchers modeled health care needs when local officials wanted to prepare for COVID-19.

An epidemic of misinformation – COVID-19 misinformation is widespread, and WSU faculty offer techniques to sift it out.