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Love Reports to Spring Training cover
Fall 2013

Love Reports to Spring Training

Love Reports to Spring Training cover

Linda Kittell

Turning Point Books, 2013


Baseball lends itself as metaphor like no other sport. Boxing might come close, but its inherent brutality and changing cultural tastes have removed it from the public’s awareness.

But baseball endures and permeates our culture, and even a non-fan can appreciate the sport’s dramatic interplay of quietude and adrenaline. In Love Reports to Spring Training, Linda Kittell exploits this richness through a deeply satisfying … » More …

Fall 2005

An International Romance

Maxime Guinel wanted to do something different. So he left his home in Brittany, went to college in Manchester, England, then came to Washington State University in 2002 to pursue his doctorate. A week after he arrived in Pullman, he met Sophia Sushailo from Ivano-Frankivsk, in western Ukraine. They fell in love.

Maxime is a doctoral candidate in materials science and is a member of Grant Norton’s materials science research group. Sophia has just finished her bachelor’s degree in biotechnology. She plans to work for a year while Maxime finishes his degree. She has already been accepted into two graduate programs in pharmacology.

Sophia first … » More …