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Summer 2024

Warming scenarios for Washington counties —interactive maps

Warming Scenarios for Washington State

The Pacific Northwest is hotter than it used to be, and the growth in hot days will continue. Global temperatures are projected to warm by 3.6°F (2°C) over pre-industrial levels by the 2040s to the 2060s, according to recent research. That means more days over 95°F in Washington.

Click on the map below to see how Washington counties will be affected by more days of extreme heat in that projection.

more days above 95 degrees in WA counties if global warming 2˚C» More …

Map of Washington state
Spring 2024

Pharmacy care in rural Washington—an interactive map

Rural health care access in Washington rural counties and the Rural Health Initiative

Millions of Washington state residents live in primary care shortage areas and nearly 800,000 struggle to access minimum health care in rural Washington. Washington State University’s Rural Health Initiative (RHI) addresses the need for pharmacists in rural communities by placing WSU pharmacy students with a rural, independent pharmacy for six weeks.

Washington State pharmacy map

MEDICALLY UNDERSERVED AREAS & POPULATIONS — MUA and MUP designations identify areas within counties or populations as having a lack of access to … » More …