Realizing the adventure

The Outdoor Recreation Center (ORC) bonded a lot of folks with the love of the natural world and provided a great place to grow. I think some of my favorite trips were the intro to backpacking ones where folks were trying things out for the first time. It’s amazing to see someone tackle something new and realize that adventure is accessible to them. Thank you to the ORC family and all the best for the next 50 years!

Daniella “Donna” Ruth (Drader) Lorincz Vingelen (’09 MS Nat. Res. Sci.)

Donna Vingelen in kayak on the Snake River in WashingtonDonna Vingelen kayaks on the Snake River (Courtesy Daniella Vingelen)



It must have been summer of 1999 or 2000. … A few of us (ORC) staff members decided we were going to do the outdoor adventure surfing trip to Cannon Beach, Oregon. There are a few things I won’t forget from this trip⁠—the van ride, the freezing temps of the Pacific Ocean, and the feeling I got riding a wave. … I don’t think any of us realized how cold the water would be, or the fact we would have to have head-to-toe wetsuits covering us. It took a lot of convincing to actually get in once we realized it wasn’t going to be pleasant. The water temperature was in the 50s, and we could only stay in about 30 minutes at a time. The thing about surfing is there is nothing like riding your first wave. I was hooked.

Jen Gudaz (’01 Rec. & Leis. Stu.)


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Favorite structure

Washington State Magazine recently asked readers to reflect on⁠—in 200 words or fewer⁠—their favorite structure at any WSU campus for a chance to win a gift card to Ferdinand’s Ice Cream Shoppe. Here’s the winning entry. 


My favorite WSU structure would have to be Stevens Hall. I lived there all four years during college and was very involved in hall government. I love that historical building and fought to keep it safe and sound so other women could enjoy living there for years to come. It is so grand and full of the best history. It’s also full of friendships, laughter, hard work, and pride of home. Every time I see photos of Stevens Hall, I light up. I show people, “See! That’s where I lived! Isn’t it lovely? I became ME in that building.” It isn’t just part of WSU’s history; it’s part of my history.

Anna Burch (’96 Comm.)


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