Driving around the state of Washington, Cougar license plates are impossible to miss. In fact, they are the number one specialty license plate on the road, dwarfing all others. What many do not know is that these crimson plates mean a lot more than just Cougar Pride; with $28 of each plate supporting WSU student scholarships, this program raised over $600,000 last year.

Since the WSU Alumni Association assumed responsibility for managing the license plate program and launching its cool crimson plate design, the program has exploded. Today, the Cougar plate is proudly displayed on nearly 23,000 vehicles (and counting!). The growth of this program means that an ever-growing number of WSU students receive scholarship support, helping them to complete their education.

In order to obtain a Cougar license plate, you must be a Washington state vehicle owner. Cougs can choose to accept the standard alpha numeric crimson plate or opt to add some creative flair to their crimson plate with a custom message. RV and motorcycle license plates are also available under the same program.

For all of you who proudly sport Cougar plates on your vehicles, thank you! If you don’t have a plate, please sign up. Send the WSUAA photos of you and your plate and become famous on the association’s Facebook page at facebook.com/WSUAA.

You can learn more about the WSUAA’s license plate program at alumni.wsu.edu/license.

Photos courtesy WSU Alumni Association