Carolyn Frances Meagher (’56 Speech) conceived a passion for cooking and baking while learning to make cinnamon rolls in a high school cooking class in Pullman, Washington. In time, rich desserts and “anything with cheese” became her trademark among family and friends.

However, the high-fat dinners came to an abrupt end several years ago during a health crisis that triggered an evaluation of her family’s dietary patterns. Meagher began experimenting with her favorite recipes—and looking for new ones—to lower the cholesterol and fat content without losing flavor.

In Seasoned with Love, she presents an eclectic selection of her favorite home-style recipes, all reduced in cholesterol and fat. These include such delectables as chocolate cinnamon buns, orange chicken breasts with coconut rice, banana muffins, and piña colada carrot cake.

The book is divided by seasons of the year instead of food groupings. A series of short reflections about food, family, friends, and faith is interspersed among the recipes. Drawings by artist Dode Eastman add the finishing touch.

“Even people who don’t cook much say they enjoy reading the book, especially the stories,” Meagher says. “It’s a unique addition for cookbook collectors, too.”


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Carolyn Frances Meagher
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