You can follow the mercurial weather of the Pacific Northwest with a number of resources from Washington State University and other weather websites.

AgWeatherNet :: Access to raw weather data from the Washington State University weather network, along with decision aids. AWN includes 136 weather stations located mostly in the irrigated regions of eastern Washington State but the network has undergone significant expansion in Western Washington and in dry land regions of the state. The AWN network is administered and managed by the AgWeatherNet team located at the WSU Irrigated Agriculture Research and Extension Center in Prosser, WA but is programmatically linked to efforts at other WSU research and extension centers. All of the weather data and value-added weather products available on this site and related sites are made possible by weather-monitoring hardware strategically deployed throughout Washington.

Pacific Northwest forecast :: Forecasts normally updated every hour from the National Weather Service.

Weather radio :: Washington state’s “All-Hazards” Warning System from the National Weather Service. Listen to weather alerts for a number of regional cities. Some are available online, and the website lists the frequency for all weather alert stations. :: Regular updates and weather-watching tools from The Weather Channel.

AccuWeather for Washington :: News and maps for communities in Washington and other states from AccuWeather.

Severe storm information :: Information on severe storms, including a resource guide, from Washington state’s Emergency Management Division.

National Climatic Data Center :: The world’s largest archive of climate data, housed by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. Extensive interactive maps and records of weather and climate.

Be a Weather Spotter :: The National Weather Service welcomes volunteers who want to be weather spotters in the Pacific Northwest. Any individual or weather enthusiast can be weather spotter volunteer. Spotter training is available online from the National Weather Service web page or conducted by National Weather Service personnel seasonally. (Spotter information from the National Weather Service, Spokane office)

Weatherwise magazine :: A periodical featuring articles on meteorology and climate, photographs of weather, and expert columns on weather.


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