Interest in virtual reality tourism has shot up during the COVID-19 pandemic. Here are a few opportunities for people to “visit” and experience the world.

Read more about WSU research into VR tourism.

WSU Alumni Association

The WSUAA will be adding VR travel experiences for members. They recently featured a visit to Bolivia to see llamas.


The company makes commercial VR and augmented reality (AR) experiences, such as listening to a symphony and riding in an F1 race car.

National Geographic via Oculus

The stunning imagery of National Geographic takes on new life in VR: a school for orphan orangutans, a voyage to Antarctica, a free climb of El Capitan, and more.

TravelWorld VR

VR experiences for travel companies is their business. You can see some samples on their website.

Google Earth VR

Google Earth has been around for a while, but you have a whole new way of experiencing the world. Some of the sites include Hoover Dam, the Matterhorn, and the Space Needle.

Immerse by Hydrous

A virtual dive on the coral reefs of Palau with marine biologist Dr. Erika Woolsey as your guide.

Escape Now: The Icons

VR filmmaker Tarik Mohamed takes you on a virtual journey while sharing the stories behind some of the world’s most iconic destinations, including the Great Pyramids, Paris, and Washington, D.C.

Disney VR

The House of Mouse presents theme park immersion, movie scenes, and other VR fun.