2023 was a busy year. Master Gardeners turned 50. The Pac-12 imploded. The editors of Washington State Magazine published a book. As the year comes to a close, here’s a look back at Washington State Magazine’s top 10 stories of 2023, in order of most-viewed according to Google Analytics.

  1. From the president (Winter 2023) President Kirk Schultz discussed the impact of all schools save for WSU and Oregon State University pulling out of the Pac-12 in his letter to readers.
  2. AI for wildlife conservation (Spring 2023) AI wrote this story about the implications of AI for wildlife conservation with a little help from Washington State Magazine editor Larry Clark. It accompanied a story about WSU research on how to measure AI’s problem-solving abilities.
  3. Rooting for the prairie (Fall 2023) Isabelle Busch (’23 Biol. Sci.) explored the Phoenix Conservancy’s efforts to restore Palouse Prairie.
  4. The past is not that long ago (Winter 2023) WSU history professor Ryan Booth (’21 PhD History) walked in Father Pierre-Jean De Smet’s footsteps with DeSmet’s descendants who visited the region in honor of the 150th anniversary of the Jesuit’s death.
  5. 50 years, 50 states (Fall 2023) Washington State Magazine associate editor Adriana Janovich delved into the history and impact of one of Extension’s longest-running and most successful public, educational outreach efforts.
  6. Cougar X winemaker Cameron Rushton (and his wine tasting tips) (Summer 2023) Cameron Rushton (’10 Hort.), co-owner and assistant winemaker at Five Star Cellars in Walla Walla and creator of Cougar X,spills his wine-tasting and other secrets in this web exclusive by Washington State Magazine associate editor Adriana Janovich.
  7. It all adds up (Summer 2023) Washington State Magazine editor Larry Clark investigated 3-D printing and its possibilities being explored by WSU researchers.
  8. Will Martin and his Cougar hand sign (Winter 2023) Will Martin(’01 Comm.) took matters into his own hands for this story by Washington State Magazine editor Larry Clark.
  9. More than a kick (Fall 2023) In this episode of Washington State Magazine’s “Viewscapes” podcast, Coug kicker Dean Janikowski (’22 Digi. Tech. & Cult.), an MBA student at WSU, talks with science writer Becky Kramer about NIL (name, image, and likeness), his side gig as a social media influencer, and raising money for the charity named for his mom, who died of cancer.
  10. Catching up on people’s lives (Winter 2023) John Scukanec (’96 Crim. Just.) told Washington State Magazine associate editor Adriana Janovich about spending an entire year—and beyond—playing catch everyday with friends, family members, and perfect strangers.