Nine Canyon Wind Project near Kennewick Photos by Zach Mazur

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The WSU Energy Program has a leadership role in the Washington Wind Working Group, a coordinated effort to plan for large wind systems in Washington state. This participation is integral in determining the industry’s future.

One of the program’s specific tasks is in the development of detailed wind maps for the region. This effort, known as The Northwestern U.S. Wind Mapping Project, updates data and mapping methods to accurately reflect the Northwests wind resources.

Northwest wind maps

Other links to resources pertinent to wind energy development in Washington state:

Wind Energy Development in Washington—Summary of Development Activities (102KB PDF)

Database of State Incentives for Renewable Energy (maintained by the North Carolina Solar Center)

Small Wind Electric Systems: A Washington Consumer’s Guide This guide is designed to help homeowners determine if wind is a practical source of energy based on the location and characteristics of their property. Cost, equipment, siting and other issues are covered in this 24-page color booklet produced for the U.S. Department of Energy. (1.6MB PDF)

Wind Energy Easements: Legal Issues This site outlines and analyzes provisions typically found in the easement agreements developers present to landowners. The information is presented by Windustry, is a Minneapolis-based nonprofit that aims to address barriers to wind energy development. Areas of special focus include landowner rights, risks, and benefits.

More information on other WSU renewable energy programs may be found at:

Washington State University Extension Energy Program