Helping people appreciate the beauty and ecological value of beaches, streams, and salmon runs is part of Washington State University’s Kitsap County Extension Program.

Each year, local residents train as beach naturalists, stream stewards, or salmon docents. Nearly 100 people completed one of the trainings in 2022. Volunteers donated more than 3,500 hours for education, stewardship, and community science in Kitsap County during the year, including time donated from past trainees who remain active volunteers.

The training empowers people to take action and become stewards of their local environment, says Anna McClelland, interim water stewardship coordinator for Kitsap Extension.

“It gives me goosebumps to see people getting excited about the ecosystem and their ability to make a difference,” she says. “When you see actual progress being made, it counteracts feelings of hopelessness about climate change and environmental degradation.”


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