Here is a small collection of the lively illustrations Taylor has created for his friend and WSU Classmate, fantasy writer Patrick Rothfuss ’02 MA as well as some of Taylor’s other work. The first images are linked to Rothfuss’s blog, the second section is from Taylor’s site.

Taylor and Rothfuss started their friendship at WSU. Now Rothfuss is a well-known writer living in Michigan and Taylor, who lives in the Puget Sound region, has a career as an illustrator as well as game artist for Zipline Games.

From the release of Book 2—to work with a Dr. Seuss-ian blog entry playing with the notion that the fans were upset with Rothfuss because they had waited so long for the second installment.

Comic of Rothfuss and fans in Suessian poem. Courtesy Nate Taylor

Pat as “dungeon master” leading players in a role playing game. It accompanied a blog entry offering an auction to raise money for Habitat for Humanity. Bidders got a chance at playing in “a one-shot role-playing geekfest set in the Four Corners world.”

Comic of Rothfuss and fans role-playing game. Courtesy Nate Taylor

The cover image for Pat’s facebook page.

Rothfuss Facebook cover image. Courtesy Nate Taylor

And from Nate’s own portfolio, a smattering of different illustrations that he has done. All are from

The title characters from The Adventures of the Princess and Mr. Whiffle.

The title characters from The Adventures of the Princess and Mr. Whiffle. Courtesy Nate Taylor

The map of the Four Corners world.

map of the Four Corners world. Courtesy Nate Taylor

Family making snowman. Courtesy Nate Taylor

Witch in forest. Courtesy Nate Taylor

Art from Slots Tycoon—a Zipline Games app for your phone or tablet that offers a casino slots game.

Slots Tycoon art. Courtesy Nate Taylor

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