Happy times  The Fall 2022 issue shared happy memories of WSU from alumni, faculty, and staff. We asked for readers to send in their own recollections, and here are a few that we received.


Saturdays in the fall: leaving my room at the Kappa Sigma house that 30 years earlier was shared by my father and his roommate, Edward R. Murrow, and walking to Rogers Stadium where I did the football PA announcing, while in the next booth sat Keith Jackson doing the play-by-play broadcast on KWSC.

Mack Parkhill (’56 Busi.)


Pretty much everything at WSU made me happy! My view of the mountains from my dorm room, communication classes with Glenn Johnson, buying supplies at The Bookie, and heated sidewalks! Then weekends in Martin Stadium and dinners at Sella’s. I didn’t even mind my harder classes too much; I was so content to be on campus. I am so glad that I was a student there, and so happy to be a Coug!

Andrina (Arneson) Thomas (’91 Comm.)


Some of my best years and memories of my life were at WSU from 1979 to 1983. I absolutely loved it there. I was at Regents Hall 313, and that was my little sanctuary. I made friends there that have lasted a lifetime! My favorite place to study was at the CUB.

I was at WSU when Mount Saint Helens blew. I remember that May Sunday very well on campus. It was raining ash and we all wore masks. I loved walking around campus every season. The stillness, the scenery, such a magical place that I did not want to leave because I loved it so much there. Go Cougs!

Sally Sue Bate (’83 Socio.)


Absolutely everything. It was my first time away from home and my first time in the beautiful state of Washington. So many new experiences, my senses were on overload. The football games, watching the snow fall, hearing the bell toll, my friends and colleagues, my dorm (Stevens Hall), my classes and teachers, and eating with friends at the dining hall. It all suited me perfectly. I am now 70 years old, and I still remember my time there as the best six years of my life. I am forever grateful that I chose WSU, and WSU chose me back.

Jae Lucido-Martin (’76 Psych.)



The review of Cadenzas: A work of fiction in the Fall 2022 issue listed the wrong publisher. The correct publisher of Alex Kuo’s novel is redbat books.


The subzero temperatures and snow at an infamous football game in November 1955 didn’t make anyone happy. The Cougs played San Jose State to a 13–13 tie, but only after plows removed snow from the field. “The band left prior to halftime as the lips of the horn players were freezing to their mouthpieces,” says Mack Parkhill ’56, who was the game’s announcer. Many of the San Jose State players had never seen snow, and “their coach bought every pair of cotton gloves in Pullman,” Parkhill recalls. “The players on the field were trying to avoid frostbite on each down. They absolutely earned their scholarships that day.”