From Inez to Andrew

Andrew Whipple (’99 Ed.)


After retired US Army officer Andrew Whipple heard about a tragic Blackhawk helicopter accident, he was inspired to write a poem memorializing the pilots. He started writing more poetry when he was given a book of poems by his grandmother Inez. She had written about World War II, and the sacrifices in battles and on the homefront. Whipple’s book combines Inez’s poetry with his own. He also writes about his struggles with PTSD and sees his writing as a way to help fellow veterans and soldiers.


The Wing is the Thing!

Robert G. Clarke (’60 History)


Aspiring pilots can learn more than a few things from this slim volume by longtime flight instructor and pilot Robert Clarke. He taught pilots how to fly safely for over four decades, including 5,000 flight tests. The book addresses practical applied aerodynamics and many aspects of flight.