Podcasts by Squeak Meisel



If you can’t come to the artist, the artist will come to you, thanks to a series of podcasts produced by Washington State University Fine Arts department chair Squeak Meisel.

Called Fly on the Wall, the artists interviewed on Meisel’s podcast have shown their work at some of the biggest venues in the world, such as the Venice Biennial. They come to the Pullman campus, teach for a few days, work one-on-one with undergraduate and graduate students, and give a public lecture.

But Meisel realizes that not everyone has time or ability to come to the lectures at WSU. With the podcast, “I can provide more people access to these conversations that few of us would otherwise get. I’ve had people telling me they were driving to Seattle and listening to my latest podcast.”

One of Meisel’s interviews is with Sarah Kavage, an artist, researcher, and urban planner, who literally reframes landscapes. She’ll juxtapose an enlarged historical photo with its contemporary context, creating a startling effect, as if the viewer were looking into the past through a rupture in the space-time continuum.

Another is with Canadian Laurel Terlesky, who investigates the tactile organ of skin and our desire for connection. The past, so often misremembered, leaves a residue, Terlesky says, and in her 2013 work, Reverb, she investigates the “embodied sense of how we shape each other by our relationships” with “evidence…gathered from ten motherless daughters on how a mother’s influence will echo and reflect inside us by moving in our shadow, both consciously and unconsciously, until it cannot be seen, heard, or felt anymore.”

You can find the podcasts online at squeakmeisel.com/interviews.