Olympics and art

The first letter in the [August] “Talkback” on the Olympics struck a special note for me. We live in San Gabriel, and prior to 1984, I’d submitted my name as a volunteer for the Olympics.

Imagine my surprise when I got an acceptance letter and was assigned to Santa Anita track…just 3 miles away! It was one of the most gratifying experiences of my life. I was an asker for the jumping and gated activities.

After I retired from the Pasadena city schools, I became a docent for the Huntington Library, Art Collection, and Botanical Gardens. I took kindergarten and third graders through either the European art galleries or the Scott Gallery for American Art. I served ten years at this magnificent institution with its fabulous collections, art works, and gardens. And for me, the weekly continuing education. The Huntington gave me much more than I was able to give to it.

WSU continues to give to me in the form of a visit by Andrea Farmer [’02 Comm.] every two years to just chat about WSU. She is a delight and an excellent representative for our school.

Hellou “Hon” Davis Stewart ’58
San Gabriel, California


Darn magazine

I love the paper. I will share it with people inside the profession as well as others. Really outstanding dedication to doing the right thing. The piece is aesthetically pleasing, hearty, and functional. Kudos.

Your darned magazine causes me excessive heartache toward returning home. Although I was raised in southern California and we might be headed for the Washington or Oregon coast after retirement, the pages of your issues always tug at me, almost unbearably. I so miss the West.

Edward Lee Lamoureux ’80 MA
Peoria, Illinois