Digitized Lives: Culture, Power, and Social Change in the Internet Era by T.V. Reed  :: Routledge, 2014 :: T.V. Reed, a WSU English and American studies professor, examines the impact of digital communication and the Internet on how we live.

Whole in the Clouds by Kristine Kibbee ’00 :: The Zharmae Publishing Press, 2014 :: Cora Catlin, the unhappy orphan protagonist in Kibbee’s debut novel, and her dog Motley discover the meaning of friendship and a magical world in the clouds.

Two Bits and Odd Days by Thomas A. Springer ’86 :: 2014 :: Springer, a Tacoma high school teacher and creative writer, offers a selection of his poems from the past 35 years.

I, Hernán Cortés: The (Second) Trial of Residency by Francisco Manzo-Robledo ’73, ’74 MS, ’80 PhD Civil Engineering, ’91 MA Foreign Languages and Literature :: Peter Lang, 2014 :: Manzo-Robledo, a WSU professor of foreign languages and cultures, provides a literary analysis of the key documents in the trial of explorer Hernán Cortés who was charged with not having the authority from Spain to conquer and govern territory in the New World.