Operation Cody: An Undercover Investigation of Illegal Wildlife Trafficking in Washington State

Todd A. Vandivert ’79


Undercover game wardens Todd Vandivert and Jennifer Maurstad posed as husband and wife businesspeople in 2010 to bring down commercial poachers and black market dealers in wildlife parts. This first person account by former Washington State Fish and Wildlife Detective Vandivert tells of their success as they risked their lives to reduce wildlife destruction in the Pacific Northwest.


Isaiah Shembe’s Prophetic Uhlanga

Joel E. Tishken

Peter Lang Publishing, 2013

During South Africa’s colonial era, Zulu Zionist prophet Isaiah Shembe and his Nazareth Baptist Church congregants saw themselves as God’s chosen people, with Shembe as an anointed prophet. Tishken, an assistant professor of African and world history at Washington State University, examines the church’s world-view and use of prophecy to provide explanations of the conditions of British imperi-alism and colonial Africa.


The Business of Android Apps Development/Taking Your Kindle Fire to the Max/LEGO Technic Robotics/Practical LEGO Technics

Mark Rollins ’94

APress, 2011–2013

Technical writer Rollins covers topics that include the Technic line of the construction toy LEGO, Android app marketing, and how to use your Kindle Fire. He provides clear and practical tips in these books for professionals and aspiring amateurs.