Jesse E. Freels ’99

Gray Dog Press, 2010

Cougar fans of all ages will enjoy reading Jesse E. Freels’s first book, Murder at Foxbluff Lake, a Coug Hawkins mystery. The novel tells the story of Coug, the teenage son of a WSU football legend, who goes on a camping trip with two of his buddies only to find a body and wind up entangled in an illegal drug deal.

The book is set in north- central Washington in the fictional town of Foxbluff, a mostly quiet hamlet near the Canadian border, which is also an ideally remote location for drug smuggling. Instead of exploring the wilderness and having fun during their summer vacation, Coug and his friends end up fearing for their lives.

This mystery is a quick and easy read, perfect material for a plane trip or a day at the beach. A quirky humor weaves its way into the story through the characters’ dialogue and inner thoughts. Washington natives will also appreciate the book’s descriptions of familiar places. Freels’s next Coug Hawkins mystery, All Loose Ends, is due out summer 2012.