In Opening Minds: A Journey of Extraordinary Encounters, Crop Circles, and Resonance Simeon Hein (’93 Ph.D. Soc.) sets out to show that Western rationalism and the rise of technology have alienated us from our world and from each other, but that by tapping into the “quantum perspective,”; we can access hitherto unknown realities and achieve integration with the universe. Hein provides an insightful sociological critique of information technology and our uses of time, then launches into discussions of his own experiences with “the universal mind grid”; through resonant viewing (a form of telepathic perception), encounters with extraterrestrial beings, and some of the stranger aspects of crop circles. For the most part, he maintains an attitude of restraint toward the bizarre events he describes. But at times he succumbs to his own fascination with them—as when, for example, he describes a sexual encounter between a friend and an extraterrestrial female.

Summing up, he writes, “To advance our own personal and ecological integration . . . we need to unlearn . . . anachronistic truths about our personal limitations . . . . We merely need to remember . . . that we are unlimited beings in a mysterious, infinite universe.”;


Simeon Hein ’93
Mount Baldy Press, Inc.
Boulder, CO