A series of videos introducing WSU’s James Entomology Collection and its work in research, collection, education and service.

Introduction to the James Entomology Collection

Take a quick tour of the Collection with director Rich Zack.


James Entomology Collection :: Collecting and Preparing Specimens

Where do all those insects come from? Rich Zack talks about collecting insects in the jungles of Guatemala and shows how he prepares specimens for display in the collection.


James Entomology Collection :: Education and Service

What kid doesn’t love seeing big bugs up close? See some of the showiest insects in the Collection, and hear about how this facility serves the students, farmers, and other citizens of Washington state.


James Entomology Collection :: Type specimens

Every species description is represented by a single specimen that best illustrates its unique features. These “type specimens” are one of a kind, and the James Collection is home to dozens of them. Rich Zack gives us a glimpse of this precious resource.