A series of videos introducing WSU’s Conner Museum and its work in research, education, and public service. The Charles R. Conner Museum features the largest public collection of birds and mammals in the Pacific Northwest, and the scientific collection used by researchers houses over 65,000 specimens.

Read “Fine Specimens” in the Winter 2008/09 issue.


Education and Public Displays at the Conner Museum

Why is lead shot bad for birds? Is it possible to bring a mammoth to life using fossil DNA? Director Mike Webster tells how new displays and public lectures at the Conner explore these and other questions.


Preparing Specimens at the Conner Museum

Museum curator Kelly Cassidy shows how she prepares a screech owl skin and gets animal bones clean and ready for display.


Research at the Conner Museum

See how the Museum’s specimens are being used to solve puzzles in ecology, evolution, and archaeology.


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