In the early 1980s, former residents were mailed questionnaires about life at Stevens Hall. The Stevens Hall Historical Questionnaires now reside at the Washington State University Libraries Manuscripts, Archives, and Special Collections (MASC).

The collection consists of two boxes containing nearly 100 folders with forms filled out and mailed back between 1982 and 1985. Here are some quotes from the project as well as from Facebook. Earlier this year, Washington State Magazine put the call out for Stevens Hall memories on social media, and many alumni responding by posting short reminisces. Some are included here, too.


Mary (Bartlett) Hunt (1910 English) “liked the …companionship of other students” and “found it easy to make friends.”

Marguerite (Golden) Doneen (’29 English) “enjoyed the companionship of many friends, liked the feeling of ‘order’ and home-like atmosphere. There was a feeling of loyalty among the four-year residents.”

“It was smaller than the other halls so the girls were very close,” recalled Helen (Diebel) Fenton (’29 Foreign Languages & Lit.).

“This was my happiest home away from home. I lived in Stevens Hall all four years,” wrote Velma (Minnick) Cannan (’30 Home Ec.). “I was happy to know they are keeping Stevens Hall for its historical value.”

“I liked it because it was a more homey feeling hall and because it was smaller,” wrote Gladys (Clement) Clapp (’33 Home Ec., ’38 MS Home Ec.).

“I have a strong feeling of warmth and the sense of sisterhood within the house,” wrote Kathryn (McAbee) Barr (’46 Home Ec., ’50 Ed.). “It was a cohesive group, a caring group. I loved it all.”

“I loved the old building,” wrote Viola (Miland) Johnson (x’46). “It had character. Those on our floor seemed like one big family.”

“The rooms were not all the same and much more ‘homey’ than the identical cubicles in the newer dorms,” said Sylvia (Franz) Adams (’49 Home Ec.). “Stevens Hall was run … with a lot of pride for the good standards that Stevens Hall maintained and a lot of pride in its history.”

“Life in Stevens was good for me,” wrote Patricia (Richmond) Brammer (x’53 Lib. Arts). “There was a communal spirit in the hall which encouraged an openness among us, making it easy to be friendly and to share with each other.”

“I felt living at Stevens was special,” wrote Judy (Venema) Gillis (’64 Gen. Stud.).

“Rooms were very cheerful. Loved the sinks in every room,” recalled Joan (Freeman) Guptill (’72 Busi.).


From Facebook

“Our graduation group in 1965 has kept in touch all through the years,” wrote Sharon Roberts (’65 Math and Gen. Studies).

Katherine Gaffney (’91 Crim. Just.) lived in Stevens Hall from 1988 to 1991. “Bay window room my junior year. Grilled cheese, tomato soup, and Days of Our Lives every Thursday.”

“What a beautiful building, and I am blessed to have been able to live there for my last year at WSU. I was so thankful for the attention they gave to young female students and the ‘white candle ceremony’ they offered students who got engaged that year. Felt very much like a piece of WSU history to live in that house,” wrote Kim (Sanders) Olsen (’94 Gen. Studies, Hum.).

Anna (Swartz) Burch (’96 Comm.) lived at Stevens Hall from 1992 to 1996. “It is a very special place. I was president for two years and had the BEST room my junior and senior years. Lived through the major refurbishment to bring the building to code, a skunk poofing in the heating ducts during the coldest part of winter, and help plan the 100th anniversary celebration. It was an amazing experience.”

“Loved Stevens!” wrote Amber Miller (’00 Comm.). “I was a transfer student in 1999 and thoroughly enjoyed my time there. Have friends I met there that are still my friends today. My room faced the large tree in front of the clock tower. A large owl would often hoot the night away in that tree. Appreciative for my time there and the friends I met along the way.”

Lindsay Donner-Merrill (’02 Women’s Stud.) lived in Stevens Hall from 1997 to 2002. “I loved Stevens!! Some of my closest friends to this day were made in Stevens. I lived on the third floor for all five years.”

Megan Thiemens (’03 Hist.) lived in Stevens Hall from 1998 to 2000. In addition to life-long friends, her memories include: “a love for the building, the history surrounding it, and the tradition. Multiple white candle ceremonies and wonderful laughs with great neighbors.”

“Stevens Hall was my first home away from home in 2001,” wrote Melissa (MacDonald) Hnosko (’05 Comm.). “I remember watching footage of the Twin Towers in the little alcove TV room just left of the entry. What incredible memories.”