“Twenty years ago, the City Club of Tacoma approached the city with a plan to unify the waterfront and build a walking path from the Tacoma Dome to Point Defiance. The painstakingly researched report urged that the entire waterfront be redesigned as a people place. Lara Hermann ’95 was thrilled when a city hall worker handed her the document. ‘It was like a present just lands in your lap,’ she says.”


Photos by Ingrid Barrentine (Click on a marker to see photo)




Marine Park — People night fish for shark and squid off the Les Davis Pier.

Oldtown Dock — The Old Town dock has recently been closed. Rumor has it unsafe conditions led to the closure.

C. I. Shenanigans — An aerial view of restaurants along Ruston Way.

Tahoma Salt Marsh — Military transport boats are seen from the Tahoma Salt Marsh. Nestled along the Ruston Way shoreline, a bowl-shaped salt marsh and upland areas were created in this area to restore riparian habitat. Volunteers planted more than 6,000 native plants near the water.

Silver Cloud Inn — An aerial view of Hamilton Park shows the new public dock next to the Silver Cloud Inn.

Job Carr Museum — The plaque in front of the Job Carr cabin.

Hamilton Park dock — The nine-acre Dickman Mill Park site occupies a significant place in Tacoma’s history as a lumber-producing center. The Dickman Lumber Mill operated continuously from the 1890’s until 1974. It was the last in a long tradition of lumber mills on Tacoma’s “Old Town” waterfront to close down. Following a fire in 1979, the remnants of the mill slowly deteriorated.

Jack Hyde Park — A boat on Commencement Bay passes by Jack Hyde Park.

Chinese Reconciliation Park — An aerial view of Jack Hyde Park, right, and the new Tacoma Chinese Reconciliation Park.

Temco Grain Elevator — Dragon boat racers work their way back to the finish line after racing at the Bon Om Tuk Asian American Water Festival in Tacoma.

Maritime Museum — Boat builder Ken Wilson, right, shows Doug McDonnell (WSU class of ’72) how a pattern can be made off historic wooden boats at the Maritime Museum in Tacoma.

Thea Foss Park — Skating at Thea’s Park in Tacoma.


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