Lost Life Recovered: An odyssey

S.M. Ghazanfar (’62, ’64 MS, ’69 PhD Econ.)


S. M. “Ghazi” Ghazanfar is a survivor. His father died when he was four. At ten, after migrating with his family to Pakistan during the Partition of India, he was abandoned by his abusive stepfather. Despite a tenth-grade overseas education, he was able get into WSU and persevere, becoming a professor of economics at the University of Idaho, founding its International Studies program, and winning a WSU Alumni Achievement Award. His memoir tells the story of an extraordinary life that will resonate with those familiar with or interested in the immigrant experience, rising above childhood circumstances, and confronting an abuser.


The Girl I Left Behind

Andie Newton (’09 History)


Set in Germany during World War II, this compelling story of friendship, courage, and coming of age is told from the point of view of Ella, the historical novel’s young heroine who lives in Nuremberg with her aunt, the owner of an antique store. Ella is introduced to the Falcons, a German Resistance group, by her best friend Claudia. Soon, she’s helping hide Jews from the Gestapo in the basement of her aunt’s shop. With a foreboding prologue, Andie Newton’s debut—a quick, dramatic, and suspenseful read—follows Ella as she transforms from a teenage shop girl to a courageous young woman, secretary for the Reich, and spy for the Resistance.


I Want Everybody to Love Me

Holly E. Jones, (’02 English)


It’s 1992, and Violet Karchefski is trying to make it through middle school. She’s a small-town eighth grader who plays trombone and is learning to navigate complicated feelings about boys in this upbeat, coming-of-age sequel aimed at young readers. It picks up where 2016’s I Want Everybody to Like Me leaves off, following Violet—who’s now two years older—on a band trip to Japan as well as through sticky social situations and disagreements with her parents. Gen X parents might want to read both books right along with their kids; they’ll get the references to Trapper Keepers, Ren & Stimpy, Mike Myers on Saturday Night Live, and C+C Music Factory.