Race across America: Eddie Gardner and the Great Bunion Derbies

Charles B. Kastner ’81 MA History

Syracuse University Press: 2019

In two epic footraces across America in 1928 and 1929, Eddie “The Sheik” Gardner, an African American runner, withstood daily death threats, intimidation, and Jim Crow laws to compete at the highest levels of the new sport of trans-America racing, and on the way became a civil rights hero and a symbol of hope and pride for his courage. Kastner, a long distance runner himself, spotlights Gardner’s astounding athleticism, achievements, and struggles through sharp historical detail.


Mabel’s Eyes

Bonny Layton ’82 Nursing

Christian Faith Publishing: 2019

Mabel, the main character in Layton’s novel, faces tragedy and turmoil first in her own family, and again as she grows older with her best friend. Despite the trials and heartbreaks in her life, Mabel’s Christian faith enables her to find purpose and eventually to give back to her little Indiana town and honor her friend’s sacrifice.


Fabric of a Generation

Tasha Madison ’03 Comm.


Miranda is a truant teen who’d rather be at the magic shop than home or school. Her little brother annoys her. So do her parents, who always seem to be bickering. She dreams of disappearing. And, when she finds a magical shawl in the attic, she gets her wish only to discover what she really wants is to find her way back home. In this historical fantasy novel for young adults, a teen bounces through time—learning lessons about life, family, and—ultimately—herself. Tasha Madison’s debut is full of adventure, warmth, and relatable family relationships.