“The universe is transformation; our life is what our thoughts make it.”
Marcus Aurelius

We lost an exceptional leader this summer in our tenth president, Elson S. Floyd. His vision in just eight years transformed the University and elevated WSU in research, student achievement, and land-grant service. This short space can’t begin to list his accomplishments, so I encourage you to read his story in the special tribute supplement at the center of this issue. President Floyd will surely be missed, but it’s imperative for us to continue his legacy.

In the spirit of transformation, we began a redesign of this magazine over a year ago. While the devotion to telling WSU’s stories remains, we worked to create a new look and feel that both innovates and honors our 125-year-old land-grant mission.

The most obvious change you’ll notice is the size and paper. In the land of Bigfoot, we decided to have a smaller footprint. The magazine production will waste less paper in printing because of its slightly slimmer form. Even the paper itself is an innovation. We are among the first university magazines in the nation (web offset printed) to use 100 percent recycled paper throughout, which uses less water and chemicals in manufacturing, in line with WSU’s commitment to sustainability.

We also improved the digital side of the magazine. When you visit magazine.wsu.edu, you will find a mobile- and story-friendly look that better serves our readers. We will have more video and other online content to enhance the stories.

The web’s great for another thing: having a conversation. I want to hear your stories, opinions, ideas, and updates, whether it’s through an email, letter, or a connection on social media.