Signposts of Self-Realization: Evolution, Ethics, and Sociality in Modern Chinese Literature and Film

by Xinmin Liu (Assistant professor, Foreign Languages and Cultures/Chinese)

Brill: 2014

Ontological study of education and development of individual self in modern China, through the lens of contemporary Chinese literature and


Sport and the Law: Historical and Cultural Intersections

Edited by Samuel O. Regalado ‘83 and Sarah K. Fields

The University of Arkansas Press: 2014

Essays on how athletes looked to the U.S. judicial system to solve conflicts, and how those cases often transformed human rights and other aspects of the law.


Fear Clinic

Written by Aaron Drane ’85

Misfit Minds Production et al.: 2015

Horror video series starring Robert Englund about a disturbing clinic for phobics, in which they face their deepest fears.


A Horse Named Sugar

by Jillian Connolly ’08


Sugar tackles each challenge that comes her way to become a professional barrel racing horse. Based on Odessa rodeo rider Connolly’s horse “Sugar,” who was treated at WSU’s Veterinary Teaching Hospital.