Washington State University researchers conducted research valued at more than $100 million over the last year on projects that include a myriad subjects.

“We are proud of this achievement,” says James N. Petersen, interim vice provost for research. “This landmark shows the accomplishment and quality of our researchers and their programs.”

Petersen says all of the colleges contribute significantly to achieving this milestone. The College of Agriculture and Home Economics, through the Agricultural Research Center and Cooperative Extension, led the way with nearly $33 million expended last year to fund research, outreach, and educational programs. Other colleges also contributed significantly to these land-grant missions, with the College of Sciences at nearly $18 million and the colleges of Veterinary Medicine and Engineering and Architecture at approximately $13 million each.

Nearly 15 percent of the expenditures are from the National Institutes of Health, while more than 11 percent are funded by the Department of Energy. WSU faculty members also receive major grants from the Department of Agriculture, the National Science Foundation, the Department of Education, and the Department of Defense.