Snoqualmie singer-songwriter Garr Lange released a new CD last fall. Crossing the Line, recorded at Rainstorm Studios, Bellevue, and released by Sentry Records, includes a 12-song mix of the blues, country, and rock.

Lange (’79 English) tested his skills for writing music and plays in New York City after graduating from Washington State University. One play, The Water Table, was produced by the Renegade Theater Co., Hoboken, New Jersey, in 1989. On the music front, he formed The Big Rig band, Boston musicians with a bent for country-rock-rhythm and blues. He also had a short stay in Nashville during the mid-90s. In both cities, he was told his style of music didn’t fit a “readily identifiable” niche. He returned to Washington, took a new job, and tired to forget about his talent. Over time he and others began to notice that music was changing-that it was moving toward a place where he had been all along. So he stepped back into the business.

Lange has “that rare ability to . . . deliver a song that mines the emotional landscape as well as anyone,” writes one reviewer.

Lang admits there’s a “country twang” to his sound, but adds, “I don’t write [and sing] just love songs. I tell stories from an emotional point of view.”

He’s written more than 100 songs and several plays. To read more and hear selections from Crossing the Line, click here.  (YouTube Music)