If you have a 3D printer at home or access to one, there are a variety of free model files available to show your Washington State University pride. From Coug logo cookie cutters to keychains and ID holders, sites such as Thingiverse and Printables will give you a start. 

Read about WSU innovations in 3D printing and additive manufacturing in “It all adds up,” Summer 2023 issue. 


Here are a few models to get you started: 

WSU Cougar cookie cutter 

“WSU (Washington State University) Coug Logo Cookie Cutter (v2.1) and now also (v3.3)! 

Cuts out a WSU logo perimeter with the logo imprint on the cookie face.” 

[by Aaron Lanting] 


WSU Cougars coasters 

“These Washington State University coasters are 3.75 inches in diameter. 

These coasters are designed to be printed with a single extruder printer. Set print to pause at height of 2.7mm and change filament colors. 

Suggested layer height of 0.1mm or 0.2mm. No supports or rafts required.” 

[by UWcharlie1983] 


WSU keychain 

“Here is a great and easy gift to make for someone. I made mine dual color by pausing the print right when it started the raised portions, to a grey color.” 

[by Sean Murray: Yarrum Creations] 


WSU Cougar emblem 

“This is the WSU Cougar Emblem. The WSU Cougar logo is trademarked to WSU. You can adjust the height of the logo in your slicer software for your desired thickness. This is a dual extrusion model.” 

[by Aiden Pyle GRAD, NWRobotics] 


WSU Go Cougs ID badge holder 

“I printed these sliced in half and glued together and using supports. 

I do not sell these, only make them for personal use as something fun to show school pride.” 

[by Dan P, PakRat66] 


WSU cookie cutter 

[by Trais McAllister, tbm0115] 


WSU logo placard 

“I found out how to use Inkscape and SolidWorks to convert 2D art into 3D printed items, and since I had a bunch of vectorized logos, I figure I’d have some fun and print out some college logos in their respective colors. I think the WSU logo came out pretty cool. The paw print isn’t part of the logo, but I wanted something in the corner since I was going to use it as a coaster and that void would have made drinks a bit unstable.  

It ended up a bit large at 4.6″ x 4.6″, so I recommend scaling it down a bit, maybe to 4″ x 4″ if you want to use it as a drink coaster. 

The crimson filament is Quantum 3D Crimson PLA and the gray is Hatchbox/AMZ3D Gray PLA. The Quantum 3D Crimson is the closest color to the WSU logo color I could find.” 

[by SkippyMcSlappyPants] 


WSU Coug logo medallion 

[by arnmoor] 


Let us know if you have freely available 3D printing files with a WSU theme and we’ll include them here.