With the unwavering support of its members, the WSUAA has achieved its goal of reaching 40,000 members of the WSU Alumni Association by 2020.

Back in 2003, the WSUAA had only 13,000 members. WSU needed more Cougs to be engaged with the University, so the WSUAA set its sights on doubling its number of members. This was an enormous undertaking, one that some people thought was crazy. However, the WSUAA knew that fellow Cougs would respond. And, they did. In 2012, the WSUAA exceeded 26,000 members.

As the WSU system grew, so did its need for alumni support. If the WSUAA was able to double membership, why not try to triple it?

In 2018, the WSUAA launched its “40 By ’20” membership drive. Once again, the Cougar family joined in the effort. Along the way, member support propelled the WSUAA to be ranked among the top alumni associations in the world.

Cougs banded together to support WSU. All have different WSU experiences. They live on both sides of the Cascades, across the country, and around the globe. They may have attended WSU at different times or on different campuses or online. But they all share one thing in common: they all love WSU.

As WSU deals with the impact of COVID-19, it needs alumni support now more than ever. The WSUAA is confident that each member—all 40,000—will find a way to give back to WSU and help the University get through today’s challenges.

WSU will emerge stronger and even more focused on meeting the needs of its state, nation, and world. No challenge is too big, and no need too great for Cougs. The WSUAA knows that members will be there for WSU just as they were there to help the WSUAA reach 40,000 members by 2020.