Last fall, the WSU Alumni Association launched a new membership drive with the goal of reaching 40,000 members by 2020. The membership drive, known as “40by20,” is more than a little ambitious. However, its success is confidently based on the fact that Cougs join the Alumni Association because they love WSU.

Why 40,000 members? More members mean more support for WSU. For the University, Alumni Association members make the world go around. According to university research, members are more involved with WSU and provide more generous support to WSU.

Being a WSUAA member is much more than a small rectangle of plastic in your wallet (although who doesn’t love seeing that Cougar logo every time you reach for that card?). Membership, at its core, is a reflection of the deep commitment members have to our great University. Membership makes it possible for the WSUAA to host 700+ alumni

events each year across the country, manage the Cougar license-plate program that generates over $650,000 in student scholarships annually, engage alumni in direct support of the University, and so much more. And, Cougs get a lot of perks with their membership, but that’s not why most of them join.

Tangible rewards are certainly a benefit of membership, but the early success of the “40by20” campaign shows that Cougs are joining the WSUAA for much more than that. Simply put, they join because of the heartfelt connection they have with WSU. The WSUAA launched the drive by including an online mosaic tool where Cougs can search or upload their favorite WSU photos and memories—and members can share their cherished WSU connections to inspire other Cougs to join. These alumni and friends have expressed their affection and appreciation for WSU and the WSUAA for so many happy life moments. If you haven’t already shared your own WSU photos and memories, we encourage you to do so at

Since the launch of the drive, membership has jumped by nearly 8 percent—a huge step toward 40,000. To all the Cougs who have already joined the WSUAA, you are helping the Association edge closer to the 40,000-member goal. To those who haven’t yet joined, see what all the excitement is about at, and help WSU and the WSU Alumni Association make history.