Which way was that again? 

Your article “When wildfire comes to town” locates the Dishman Hills west of Spokane. The Dishman Hills actually are located near the west city limits of the City of Spokane Valley and are southeast of the City of Spokane. I used to hike in the hills as a boy.

John Vlahovich ’62



A second look

I have always looked through the magazine, but for some reason I read it this month. I don’t remember it being this good. Very informative and gave good insight. The Moos article, Judy Morrison, “A Fine Thin Skin,” “Billions Served,” and the story on Mr. Johnson’s Logo design is always fun to revisit. Thank you, I will read the next one as well.

Rick Judy ’62

We have just finished reading the latest issue of the Washington State Magazine and feel compelled to tell you how fabulous we found three articles. They are “A Fine Thin Skin,” “Above and Beyond,” and “Billions Served.” Each one was incredibly interesting to us and fascinating. They have given us a far greater understanding of the issues and possible solutions to problems we all face. These are the best articles we have read in many years of receiving the magazine.

Thank you for such an enlightening and interesting issue.

Dave and Jan Welch

Class of ’63


Randall Johnson

Gene Miller ’68 took us to task for not including a photo of Randall Johnson himself with the article in our last issue on the 75th anniversary of the Cougar Head logo. With admirable follow-through, Mr. Miller also sent photographs.

“These pictures were taken on April 15 of 2005,” he writes, “outside Randall and Jeanne’s small apartment on Spokane’s south side. They were visited by three anonymous Cougars, one of whom snapped the pictures.”

By the way, we did produce a slideshow of Mr. Johnson and the evolution of the Cougar Head on our website: wsm.wsu.edu/extra/coug-logo.




Due to a miscommunication, we mistakenly printed an In Memoriam notice for S. LeRoy Whitener (’54 DVM). It was his brother Keith Whitener (’60 DVM) who passed away on March 25, 2011.