This fall, visitors and alumni returning to Pullman will see that campus has changed all around the stadium renovation. In fact, a far bigger project, the $86 million renovation of the Compton Union Building, is wrapping up. The ’60s and ’70s décor is gone, but the 1951 architectural shell remains. Now it holds a brighter, more open student union and a very large bookstore to boot.

The CUB was closed in 2006, and for two years students had to go elsewhere for food, entertainment, and to just hang out. With six floors and 235,000 square feet to renovate, the project involved rebuilding stairways, removing walls, revising the entries, and installing a new state-of-the-art auditorium as well as an updated gallery and bathrooms. “It will be a very active place,” says Jeff Lannigan ’95, the project manager. “It’s not nearly as boxed up as it was before.” Prior to the renovation, “it was kind of a rat’s maze.”

Some things will stay the same, though. Clevenger Lounge remains in its traditional spot, student government is still on level 3, and the credit union and mail service will be available again below the main floor.

Instead of a cafeteria, the CUB will house a variety of private food vendors as well as a full-service restaurant and a coffee house.

For game-goers, the walk to Bookie will be much shorter, since there’s an elevator and elevated walkway on the north side of the CUB near the stadium to take people up and in.

The grand reopening for the CUB will run from Sept. 2-6, with a ribbon cutting ceremony scheduled for Friday, Sept. 5 at 3 p.m.

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